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your certified Health coach, personal trainer and spiritual guru

Jessica Meister

My mission is to help people become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves by providing you with the tools to set you up for success.

3 Years of Experience as a Fitness Instructor and 2 year as a Health Coach.

My wellness journey started in 2013 and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way. I also did it completely backwards.  I’ve started this business to help share the knowledge I’ve gained and help people start their own Health Journey no matter what stage of life you’re at!

What I Offer for Good Health?

Nutrition Coaching. Lose Weight. Cooking Resources. Sports Nutrition. Balance Body and Mind.

Nutrition Coaching

Helping you crowd out your current diet with real foods

Lose Weight

Setting you up for success if your goal is weight loss

Cooking Resources

Endless resources and recipes to help keep healthy delicious and fun

Sports Nutrition

What to eat if your goal is to gain muscle and lose weight

Balance Body Mind

It's not just about what your putting into your body

What People Are Saying

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It happens to a lot of people. Your health slowly declines as pressures of time, family and work take precedence over health. That's how I reached a point where I was unhappy about it but had not been able to motivate myself to make the change to be healthier. For me, I'm not motivated by vanity of looking or feeling healthy. I just needed to be healthier. Jessica has been my muse, reaching me and getting me going when other trainers, coaches and programs have failed. She is my partner & coach on my health journey and we have found what works for me. I'm making the habit, putting in the work and seeing the results. We can all change for the better, you just need a spark that ignites your fire. Jessica brings that spark, and for me it has made all the difference.
Current Client
I had some big changes in my life moved to a different province turned 40 quit my job of 15 years. Decided to start a new career as a continuing care aide - wow what a change. While taking my schooling I learned that if you dont use it you lose it. I was at my heaviest weight and it was getting worse. I learned that anything a 90 year old had to tell me came through their actions - they were outta breath moving from a bed to a chair......i didnt want that. I started doing some reading and found Jess. She is my inspiration. She has taught me so many things and doesnt let me quit. She says its a bad day start again. She checks in on me are you drinking enough water, have you been doing exercises, look at this, read this, try that. Her zest for life is second to none and she is always cheering me on.
Current Client
I’ve known Coach Jess for about 4ish years now. From the moment we met we clicked, she has a very infectious happiness that you couldn’t help but participate in! Whatever personal fitness journey I was on she always supported me (long before she started coaching) offering tips and tricks for the best success. It was easy to believe her cause she's lived it. She’s done the unhealthy to healthy journey, she’s seen first hand what does and doesn’t work. She knows what it’s like for people to struggle with their weight, and that’s what makes her an awesome coach, she’s been there done that and is ready to help you get there too!
Former Coworker

This Months Book!

Check Out The New Book I'm Reading!

I’ve read a ton of books over the past 5 years to help me along my journey. I’ll be recommending books that have helped me in my journey! This month I’m recommending Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt. It is filled with tools that will help you buckle down to get into the best year ever! 

I believe the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

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